Monday, February 10, 2014

Remote controlled Truman

       Control, both social and physical, is a theme that comes up often in The Truman Show The way that the creators of the show control Truman's actions just enough to keep him on the set, and in the examples of the type of people that watch the show, people who appear to have no control of their life and instead choose to vicariously live a good, controllable life. There are also examples of corporate control, when it is made clear that the cast is advertising the things they're using in their everyday life, when Truman is pushed against the billboard, or when Marlon claims how good Kaiser brand beer is.
       This theme feels like a commentary on the state of the media industry at the time that this was made, when corporations really started digging their claws into the media, and when people started to consume more media.

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  1. Do you think the real world is somehow a world outside of media? outside of corporate influence? outside of capitalism? I am interested in the idea that those things seem to be posited against "reality" in the film, as if we have authentic selves that are somehow outside of these entanglements. Do you think we do? What we would we be outside of media and the economic culture? IS there a space outside of those things? Was there ever? Can we have "media" without the influence of hegemony or corporate power? Lots to chew on here!


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