Monday, February 3, 2014

The Truman Show - The Idea Of Control

"We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented." - Christof

Have you ever wondered about the power of “Control?” The world is just full of living beings seeking some sort of control in their lives. From the career they want to the kind of person they want to be with. However, the struggle to obtain and keep control is a tough thing. Life as we know it, is unpredictable. So when Christof from the 1998 movie, 'The Truman Show,' attempts to control the star of his show's life, it doesn't necessarily work out for him.

The movie follows a man named Truman Burbank, who is unaware that his whole life has been recorded for a television show. How you may ask? This is because, Christof has taken every precaution to insure that he never finds out. Growing up, Truman begins to be told that he is better off being home and is made to fear the water when his dad gets killed off the show after a boating accident pushed on, by then, ten year old Truman. When Truman begins to have feelings for an extra on the show, Christof separates the two due to the fear that she will admit to him the truth. Later on when Truman attempts to leave the set, Christof attempts to stop him at any cause. He even comes close to killing Truman in the process.

Though controlling, Christof is also like a parent caring for a child. Or a gamer playing The Sims. He makes sure that Truman's life is "perfect" for him. He gives him great friends, a great wife, a good job, and its all located in this beautiful small town. To Christof, he tries to control a human being for his show, but it is very clear that he also cares for Truman a lot. What if your parents had the choice to choose your life? I bet if you were to ask, they would choose all the things they would hope you would be happy with. When Truman is about to reach the exit door, Christof tries to explain to him why he should stay. He states that the world he lives in, is no truer than the world out there. That he has this amazing life. A life that Christof was able to provide for him. He also tries to get him excited about the idea of being on a television show. But, he is shown that he can't control everything about a human being, when Truman bows to his audience and walks out the door.

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  1. I wonder if we can really extend this gaming metaphor. In an MMORPG, for example, what would happen if a gamer found that his/her avatar developed in such a way that it then rebelled against its player? Anyone know if gaming has gone there at all? Seems just a matter of time before game designers start experiencing with characters who try to slip the bonds of their own game and "exit" as Truman does. Wonder how that would "play out...." Maybe a good final project for someone to design the rough script/outline for a game that would do such a thing. Would that make the game more real? Or a better simulation?


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