Saturday, March 8, 2014

Is Fake Beauty Really Beauty?

Growing up, I never considered myself to be "girly" in anyway. I only wanted to play video games and wear baggy clothes, never caring for what the other girls were doing. So, the thought of keeping an image and making an effort to be "beautiful" didn't really hit me until LATER on in life (and still and I barely care). I always just thought that trying to be a size 0 and wearing pounds of makeup was too much effort. Especially, since I knew that those girls weren't actually "real." They were just made to look like that for our amusement. I thought that the people doing these things were being jerks and promoting these fake images and false thoughts about beauty.

So, now as a Graphic Design student, I am trained in the art of photo shop. I am able to remove wrinkles, blemishes, and can even make a person look thinner. (An example being the image above) I have basically become the thing I never understood. And to this day, I am more confused than ever. Because, what is beauty anyway? Who am I to say that those girls are fake? My mom always told me that we should all just be ourselves. So, aren't girls that like to dress up and make the effort just being themselves? And what about those who get paid to "fix" the image of these girls, are they being fake?

The image I made was me trying to make a statement about photoshop, but I can't deny that I loved to do it. I loved being able to change an image, like having too much power but not wanting to let it go. I also have a talent for photo manipulation. It is the one thing in GD that I am best at. So am I a hypocrite? Or am I just being myself?

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  1. Great question: how can photoshop (make-up? dressing up like a "pretty girl") be empowering? Could it be that the same thing that is used to subjugate and oppress women could also be used to empower or liberate us?


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