Thursday, March 13, 2014

Post Modernists Work Backwards

In class today after looking at the Amaris article, “Seriously Fun: Marketing and the gaming Experience of Nolan’s The Dark Knight”, we were asked to create our own way to market a product. Working with Jess and Lauren we had decided as a group to try a type of transmedia approach. We also wanted to target a specific audience with this product and marketing experiment.

We decided to pick an Energy Drink as our product, this would be a drink that we would also create not a drink that already exists. From here we decided to take the work backwards approach and instead of creating the product we wanted to market it first.
Targeting gamers we felt that it would be interesting to create a game, or incorporate into a game the drinking of this energy drink. Throughout the game perhaps the player needs health, or points in some way. By drinking the beverage the player would be able to regain some of their health.

From there we decided to broaden the audience and we wanted to show a preview at the movies. This preview would have some vague hint as to what the product is and then a link to a website. This website would be a place to purchase the Energy Drink. However, the drink would be “sold out” as the product does not actually exist yet. This would create a buzz about the product, and as Jess said it would be the demand before the supply existed.

After this hype we decided that making the Energy Drink would be the next step. After the drink was available for purchase for real we would create a promotion. There would be adds on the can or other places that would require you to complete some sort of task. When this task was complete it would give players of the video game cheats in order to get further in the game or uncover hidden parts of the game that would otherwise be impossible to find.

The work backwards technique is really interesting to use. For me it seems to make sense because it allows the creators of the product to figure out what outcome they want to achieve before they attempt to achieve it. Perhaps I just have a post modern brain when it comes to this, but I don’t see how else you would plan something other than figuring out what the ultimate goal is at the end first.


  1. DOH! Just lost a long (and, of course, brilliant) post to the blogosphere. Boo. Basically, just asking about how much of advertising is about fulfilling consumer desire and how much is about MANUFACTURING consumer desire. Products become less and less significant even as the desire to purchase them becomes more and more overwhelming. BTW, I must also know the name of your drink! I am sure you have something clever...

  2. we actually never came up with a name for the drink! we were not very clever that day. Interestingly I was just talking with a friend who plays this video game called Dark Souls. Within the game there is something called and Estus Flask. This flask when used allows you to restore your health. This friend of mine just bought a sweatshirt that looks like a Jack Daniels label,but instead reads Estus Flask. It is basically the same concept as our idea, however I think if the game marketed it themselves they would be able to make a lot more money out of it.


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