Monday, March 10, 2014

Robots Sweeping the Nation…Literally

If Androids like the ones described in Philip Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep were to regularly be walking around in the “real” world I would be a bit uncomfortable. I found the article “Public Attitudes to Androids: Robot Gender,Tasks, & Pricing” to be quite interesting, because the robots built all shared common similarities. They were between 3-4 feet high, female, and did household chores…sound sexist? Well, turns out more women offered to pay more money for the robots. I think having these robots, might make “real” women feel empowered because they would now have the opportunity to do more things other than the dishes.

This discussion got me thinking: what robots do we have right now that do household chores? The answer: that vacuum robot you can buy at any Bed Bath & Beyond store or online etc. The trend has caught on with LG, Samsung, Philips etc. the most well known is the “iRobot Roomba.“
A robot such as the Roomba puts my mind more at ease rather than having a life-like version of robot person walking around pushing a vacuum. I personally am not ready for human-like robots to be walking around with humans because anything that can be “created” usually is close to near perfect, and any imperfections or malfunctions it has can be corrected by its creator (which could be a robot as well).

With my opinion aside, it seems as though our society is heading that way towards having robots and androids. We already have “android” phones, tablets, and computers, which can all talk to us and do things for us on command. To take this thought a step further, our younger generations will probably be the generation that faces androids, or the one after them regardless children are now playing with robotic toys such as babies so babies playing with babies, more specifically robotic babies. Introducing the ideas/concepts of robots at such a young age can make them have a lesser reaction to when it is time for robots to walk alongside humans. I think with more reinforcement and early introduction to robots, it will decrease that “scary” feeling that I have towards robots in people in the future.

Here are just some examples of the dolls I am taking about: [probably the creepiest dolls ever]

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  1. Blogger just lost my comment! Boo! It was a very poetic remembrance of my 1970's doll "Baby Alive." Sigh. The technology does not look like it has progressed much from what you have posted of these creepy cartwheeling babies. But some day soon I am sure the android baby dolls will be interacting on a near-human level with kids, and then the kids will be developing traits based on these interactions. Baudrillardian child development! Whee! [img][/img]


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