Monday, March 31, 2014


Schizophrenia is a mental disorder in which a person may have delusions, hear voices, paranoia, disorganized thinking, and/or lack of emotions and motivation. Just as in the book, "The Wilderness," the person may feel as though they can't tell what is real anymore. While in the book, Jake has trouble telling the difference between a real memory and something he made up, a person with schizophrenia has trouble knowing if the things they are witnessing or hearing is an everyday norm or something they had made up.

The video (above) gives the perspective of schizophrenia from the illusion's point of view, while also showing us what it can be like with the disorder.

I for one have never known anyone with schizophrenia and I can't imagine living life this way, either. Always in fear of the things you see and the things you hear. Not knowing what is real and what isn't. Almost like a never ending nightmare that you live though daily. Often, the person might become violent due to this fear (just as Jake became violent when his distortion of reality became worse). How do you think you would be if living with this disorder? Being thankful for not having it, I also appreciate those who live through life with it even more.


  1. That was a pretty cool little inversion in the video you posted! I like that you say it's from the illusion's point of view...but then again...which girl is the illusion?

  2. Exactly! its creating the barrier between the "real" and the illusion (hyperreality)


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