Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I loved the topic we came upon in class last week about meat and that whole industry. It’s pretty much a known fact that the burgers we get at McDonalds are not necessarily “natural” or “organic.” But we still eat them right? So how does in vitro meat from a laboratory differ from meat taken from billions of cows in slaughterhouses? When it comes down to the actual composition, they’re obviously both meat. The only real difference is the process.

I think this video pretty much sums up what in vitro meat is, in case you had any questions. It also raises some great ideas that the way we obtain our meat nowadays is not the best way.

This raises the thought that today we are more infatuated with product(s) instead of the process. Nowadays, efficiency and productivity is what rules large corporations (such as the meat industry). Essentially, products need to be produced fast enough in order to satisfy the public. The vast majority of the public, however, does not care where these products come from. Even if we knew, would we still care? Are we that accustomed to these products? 
What's in store for the meat industry?

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  1. Do you really think we only care about the product? Cuz many of you folks seemed disgusted by the idea of schmeat (which is funny, since you aren't disgusted by eating a bloody animal carcass if it's all cleaned up and shrink-wrapped, but anyhoo...). If it ultimately turns out to be cheaper and easier and more humane to eat schmeat, will we do it, or will we cling to some idea that it is not "natural" and continue to be repulsed?


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