Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Author, Thy Savior

It was asked today, "Why does the character look so similar to Jesus by the end of the book?"

I had this idea:

Daniel Quinn, the “original” character was an author under the pen name William Wilson. It seems as though Daniel Quinn is in search of an author, he is attempting to figure out who the author is. If it were “himself” he would not use a pen name. However, the author is dead. That is the author has killed himself, for the sake of the readers. Daniel Quinn, over the course of The City of Glass, is searching for an author that is himself and as he is beginning to realize that he does not exist he withers away. His first step in realizing this is the following scene:
He sees that a lady is reading his book and addresses her about the book, but she displays no recognition of him being the author. Ultimately, the author dies so that reader can experience the book and the characters within. Even The City of Glass, itself, has a mysterious author.

It seems to me, that as an author he has "killed" himself for the readers, just as Jesus did for the people. Each character was Daniel Quinn, himself. Peter Stillman is attempting to resurrect Edenic Language, but all along it was Daniel Quinn attempting to resurrect Edenic Language. It was his way of trying to "save" language, but since he could not he sacrificed himself. 

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  1. LOVE this little reading. This actually works as an approach to the whole text-- illuminating!


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