Thursday, April 10, 2014

Don't Believe Everything You Read Online - The Blair Witch Project

A common phrase known to the world is, "Don't believe everything you read online." The internet, being open to the public, can often be taken over by people who are trying to trick others for their own amusement or lack of knowledge. That being said, one can often find many hoaxes online ranging from purely innocent to extremely severe (a hoax being something that isn't true but is often believed by a number of people). Though the thought of hoax is often a bad thing, they can often lead to good. One of these hoaxes being The Blair Witch Project website

In 1999, the movie "The Blair Witch Project" came out in theaters. The story of three teenagers who disappeared into the woods while doing research on the legend of the Blair Witch. Supposedly the Blair Witch was Elly Kedward, a woman who had been accused of witchcraft and child murder back in 1785 and had been banished from the town, left to die of cold in the woods. Her spirit was said to still haunt the area. The movie actually became a multimillion-dollar box office sensation soon after the release of the website. 

Although the movie was fictional, the Blair Witch website allowed visitors to view detailed historical information about the legend of the Blair Witch, including old photographs, police reports, letters, and interviews with officials. It was all so convincing that many people were fooled into believing that Elly Kedward was a real historical figure, and that there really was a legend of a Blair Witch. 

In JT's hoax, good still came out in the end because not only did it sale, but many people still found happiness through the books. In this case, even though it was later revealed to be the hoax that it was, the website still ended up doing some good. The website ended up revolutionizing internet marketing. Movie studios started churning out hoax websites to accompany their movies, in the hope of generating the same kind of buzz that the Blair Witch Project enjoyed. But not one has been able to match the success of

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