Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Earth Day (yesterday)

Although Earth Day was yesterday, I thought this blog post could relate to the Earth and our class. Obviously litter is a massive problem all around the world, and the clean up of this mess costs billions of dollars. People dispose of cigarette butts all over the place…just walking around campus I see them everywhere. What if there was a way to reduce to amount of trash in the world by making this “litter” biodegradable? This is just what the makers of Greenbutts did. The video on their website explains it all and if you keep scrolling you can read all about these “eco-friendly” butts.

When I came across these biodegradable cigarettes, I asked myself why? The makers of these cigarettes have to know that cigarette smoking is bad for you. So are they condoning the smoking of their cigarettes? As I was scrolling through their website however, the FAQ section answered my question I guess. They stated that humans have been smoking for ages, so they might as well promote their product. (I still don’t know whether or not I like their ideas/cause).

So, in relation to our class, are these cigarettes more or less “real?” Since they are biodegradable, once they begin decomposition, they become part of the Earth. But a typical cigarette doesn’t do that…so does that make them more authentic? These are questions I am asking myself as well.  

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  1. I guess I am not sure why something biodegradable would be less "real?" An apple is biodegradable. Is it less real than a plastic bottle? Seems just the opposite in some ways. We have a movement towards green products and whole foods because they seem MORE real to us somehow-- closer to nature, more authentic?


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