Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hoaxes a cover for discrimination...

I thought it would be interesting to explore the really nitty gritty negative side of hoaxes. Generally, when I think of a hoax, I think of a joke, something that can be funny or sometimes I think of it as a device used to prove some sort of point. A hoax could be like a trick, but a trick that is performed or advertised on a large scale that involves media attention of some sort. I think hoaxes can be mostly harmless but what I found interesting is how a hoax can also be an excuse in a way for things like slander, racism, or discrimination.

            There is one case that I found while researching hoaxes that is titled “Blood Sacrifice for McDonalds” and it is a YouTube video documentary about a Jewish Rabbi and the Jewish community that was said to have kidnapped and murdered children and sold their body meat to McDonalds. It was obviously a hoax and received a lot of mixed reactions but I think this is where hoaxes become an issue because it seems that this hoax could have easily been an act of discrimination against Jewish people but I feel like trying to call it a hoax was to cover up the fact that someone or a group of people is discriminating against Jews. This is I think where hoaxes become a big problem because you can use a hoax to cover up discrimination and a hate crime. Nothing about this “documentary” helps society or holds any truth; it just brings slander and negativity to the Jewish community.

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  1. Makes me think about what we are willing to excuse as long as someone says they are joking...


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