Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Jersey Shore - The Missing "Reality," In Reality Television

Last semester, I had to do a group a project based on television and how much it controls our lives. We decided to base our project on the show: Jersey Shore. For my contribution, I created a little intro video to show the basic idea on what the show is about (video above). Having to watch TWO seasons of this show in order to get the clips, I was able to see that even though it is a reality tv show, this show is just so fake.

Basically, it tends to focus on a group of young adults (Snooki, Angelina, Pauly-D, J-Wow, Vinny, Samantha, The Situation and Ronnie) who by day go to work and by night they go out to drink and/or party. Even though it is most likely that the friendships they made were real, the rest of the show is obviously just drama the producers placed everywhere. For instance, an average episode would consist of Ronnie and Sam being an on and off again couple, violence, drinking, arguing, Situation being annoying, more arguing, and dancing. Once in awhile, normal stuff happened but it never lasted long. In fact, the only two people on the show that I didn't hate were Pauly-D and Vinny and that was just they were never part of the drama. They just stayed in the back ground and goofed around like regular guys.

So, I wonder how any show now a days can be considered "reality" tv if they are always missing the reality part of it. Yes, normal households have their own troubles, but not to this extreme. Just because you follow people around with a camera, doesn't really make it reality. Thats basically what normal actors do on a daily basis to begin with. And yet, society is still watching shows like this one as a source of amusement. Many of them even traveled to the actual Jersey Shore, NJ in attempt to be part of the "fun" they see on this reality tv show that obviously isn't real. What if it wasn't classified as reality tv? Would so many people still have watched it? Or even have given New Jersey the reputation it gained from the show?

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