Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Let's Just Live Life in the Real World

The video clip I have chosen is from the infamous show “The Real World, Ex-Plosion” from MTV.


This is the first ever Real World season where seven strangers were picked to live in a house and then have their exes show up after a couple of months of living with strangers (who they’ve already hooked up with prior to the exes arriving). All of this combined, brought out some love triangles, jealousy, fights, hookups, breakups and makeups.

The scene I have chosen from the ex-plosive season is from episode 5; this is the first night all of the roommates and exes “go out” to the bar/club. Hailey goes into the bathroom and talks to Lauren, both of them exes of male roommates in the house. Hailey is Tom’s ex girlfriend (Tom is hooking up with his new roommate) she is essentially talking behind her back.

I find it interesting that when the girls head to the bathroom they assume/feel it is a “safe” place to talk, and us as viewers can relate to that and believe that what they are talking about it “real” feelings because the cameras are not essentially on them. When the camera is on the cast members, the audience instinctively thinks that they are pressured to act in a certain way or say certain things because they know they are being film. When roles are reversed, and the cameras aren’t on them, the mics still pick up what they are saying (probably not something they first think of…but then again since it is such a procedure to attach those mics on their bodies, one would think they know they are being recorded in some manner).

When someone is being filmed, do we assume they are actors? When they are not being filmed, do they become real? But, what happens when the actors are put in a “more real-like” situation, does this make them actors or real people? Are actors not real people? Gah! So many questions, it makes me never want to watch reality TV or TV in general. Let’s just live life.

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