Saturday, April 5, 2014


All this talk of hoaxes got me interested. It's interesting to me how folks can be so limited by the lunacy of their values as if their individual emotions are the currency that should govern us all. At the risk of seeming like an overly self conscious adolescent.... all this judgment makes me want to "Rage Against the Machine." The hypocritical, self important, immaturity of being ruled by our interpretations of our "sense data." Everyone has emotions and we bow to them. They become our gods. The idea that feelings are real bugs me. Actually the idea that we feel the way we feel because of our emotions bugs me. The idea that we always have something or someone to blame for our bad mood bugs me. We treat our feelings as if they are the bloody knife in a murder trial. Justifiers for our dilapidated egos. The Buddha said, "be lamps unto thy selves." I think he was simply reminding us to take responsibility for our actions, thoughts, and feelings. Not blame all the infinite "imperfections" of life for our moods, feeling, actions, etc. We have the ability to create. Our creator gave us that. We create the world we experience through our actions, thoughts, prayers, and intentions. It doesn't get any more hopeful! This means that if we all smile, love each other, and quit judging......the world will be cooler! Death, a result of fear, will CEASE and only eternal life will remain!

I think the world is unreal. Or rather, less real than most think it is. Smarter folks than I believe there are 12 dimensions of consciousness. That leaves 9 dimensions for us to explore! Problem is, one cannot experience these states of consciousness while believing we are stuck in these finite 3rd dimensional light ships. I guess what I am saying is that its about time we stop meddling in this boring and limited dimension of rules, limits, fears, and judgement.

Let's take a step back from our lives that seem all too real and enjoy a consciousness that cannot be limited by the negative attack thoughts of our ego. Yeah I agree, we have become unable to know the present. Everything we see is the past. When we look at a chair we see everything we know about chairs. Didn't Huxley say that on Mescaline?

This is an awesome except from The Doors Of Perception! Huxley's got my back! 

Is time linear? Its easy to think so. We have a hard time admitting that maybe time doesn't exist. Our brains act like a filter. Huxley definitely said that. I think we should break the filter. Melt the filter. Through "corrosives." Blake said that. Sometimes the best stuff you gotta try for. Meditation isn't always as tempting as T.V. but the reward is infinitely more rewarding.  

"The eagle never lost so much time, as when he submitted to learn of the crow." -William Blake

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  1. Wow-- the tone of his voice makes it all seem so OBVIOUS! I love the idea that there might be ways to break the filters through which we perceive and define our reality. I have heard meditation, sex, drugs, insanity, death-- all described as possible vehicles to a kind of shattering of subjectivity. Provocative stuff, and any of those (or some combination) would make a great final project (I mean, not actually shattering your subjectivity, but researching what different fields and different scholars/practitioners say about this). What other ways have you all thought of as possible escape hatches out of what Matt calls "the filter"?


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