Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lip-Sync, Stunt men and Reality

When looking at the idea of reality shows and what is real and what isn't. I can't help but notice one thing about us as a society. We often have an image problem when it comes to our media. We often want to think that the person who we listen to actually produce their music and the people who actually act in their own movies are the ones doing the stunts. Honestly, admit it, when you discovered that your favorite action movie actor didn't do his own stunts or when you learned that your favorite singer didn't write their music (or worse *gasp* lip-synced), you were completely distraught.
            Much like the concept of the modern reality show, we as a nation want to see what is happening in front of us as real life. That what exists in front of us is the cut and dry "real thing," and when we discover the concept of producers and such falsifying your favorite piece, we feel like we were just part of some big hoax, that the music or the movie itself was one true thing and after we discovered this, the music or movie isn't the same anymore. Why is this, the music is still there, just who wrote it has changed?
            It's truly just a mixture of the Hoax and the reality show. We want a picture of the real world as it is. We enjoy media and see the pictures that funnel into us as the reality show affect, being things that are filtered into the lime light and highly primped and preened to show to the modern everyday audience. They go on tours and do their movies, but the second the illusion breaks and we see the hoax lying underneath, we feel dissuaded and see it as a trick to fool us. They lied to me, they were only doing it for their monetary gain (which is true, even if they weren't faking).  The music industry itself isn't trying to sell you real life, but a hyper-real version of what you want real life to be!
            However, in the end, the music or the movie is most important. No matter who wrote the songs or did the stunts, the product is going to be there. Will we still feel like we have been bamboozled by the record company, sure, but we must remember that the music or movie is the real and giving us what we want is the most important element.


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