Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Never Gonna Give You Up

I was trying to think of hoaxes, but couldn't help but think of the "Balloon Boy" hoax that happened on Oct. 15, 2009 in Fort Collins, Colorado. Richard and Mayumi Heene filled a silver helium balloon up and let it go in the air, and claimed their six-year-old son was inside of it. It was a publicity stunt that wound them up in 20-90 days in jail.

Any who, I then thought of pranks, and it let me to THIS

Every time I use YouTube I sometimes fear that my video will be "Rick-Rolled." Take a look at the video below to know what I mean: 

Each person watching the screen was expecting to watch a certain video, except that wasn't possible because the video they expected to continue watching got rudely interrupted by Rick Astley's song "Never Gonna Give You Up."

I think it's interesting when you consider the "realness" of the video. The video you except to see should be the real deal, but then it changes to an 80s music video. The video prank is all in good fun, I don't think it teaches us anything or alters our way of thinking about the universe, except maybe your music selection/taste. 

This prank was taken a step further when a guy (Bob) has his video game Modern Warfare delivered to his friend's house (Jim). Jim gets the game, buys a blank CD, prints out the Modern Warfare cover and sticks it on the CD, meanwhile uploading 16 tracks of Rick Ashley's song "Never Gonna Give You Up" and then repackaging it and gave it back to his friend Bob. Check out Bob's reaction..

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  1. Being Rickrolled is usually meant in good fun and is funny. I can remember the videos that were meant to frighten. there was one where a car was just driving down a road with pretty music, and then a giant face appears on the screen and made all viewers jump a mile. I think that there is a clear distinction between the two pranks. Both are meant to be fun, but are intended to get a different reaction from viewers. I wonder if there is a prank on this level that ha affected someone in a big way?


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