Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"NY Brokenness is Everywhere" -Stillman

I was fascinated while reading this graphic novel when we got to follow Stillman Senior around New York to see what he would do. We got background info on his character, so I was waiting for him to flip out or attack his family. Instead, he did a routine walk around the city picking up “trash.”

“I collect shattered objects to examine…I invent new words that will correspond to the things”-Stillman Senior (70-71).

He told Quinn he was picking up these items so he could create a whole new language (brilliant). I never considered what happens to an item when it becomes broken. Instead of just walking past the broken item, Stillman, picked it up and has given it purpose again.

Can you take a broken item, rename it, and give it another purpose? Will that change what it was originally…due to it being broke, isn’t it already different than the original?

We discussed the sign, signified, and signifier in class...
Signifier “umbrella”
Signified  (picture of umbrella)
Does the sign, signifier, and signified change if the umbrella is broken, and renamed by Stillman? 

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