Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sidewalk Art

We’ve all played with sidewalk chalk when we were little; a map of a road throughout the driveway, or a game like hop scotch. I bet you’ve never drawn anything like the artists Edgar Mueller from Germany and Julian Beever from the UK draw. Their 3D sidewalk murals capture the attention of tourists all over the world. Photographers venture to meet these artists and take pictures of their work, as well as the artists with their work. Here’s the link to their work…and this BuzzFeed article contains two other artists named Joe Hill and Leon Keer who also do these works. (All of their websites are located at the bottom of the article). 

It really is your mind playing tricks on you. On first glance, it looks like the sidewalk is gone and there is a huge black hole leading to hell or something. When you look closer, however, you can see the cracks in the sidewalk and where slate meets one another. I just think it is so amazing that these artists can make something like the sidewalk or pavement look so beautiful. I mean, when I think of the sidewalk I think of gum, dirt, and pigeon poop. But looking at this work it really makes me think that beauty is in everything. The fact that an artist can really transform something so frequently used into something beautiful is astounding.


  1. Is it the beauty of the work that is so striking, or is it that it causes us to question the reality of the physical world around us? I like how even when I know it's just a 2D chalk drawing, my eyes don't really allow me to see it that way. I wonder what Hume would say about how this work causes us to reevaluate the credibility of sense data? I wonder what Descartes would say about how our minds process the information and arrive at a decision about whether or not it is safe to walk across these chalk chasms?

  2. This stuff is so cool! I've seen this kind of 3D imitation chalk drawing before in areas near my hometown and they always confuse the hell out of my brain and eyes. Like, my brain knows it's 2D but my eyes are like "no way, man!" While they are often very beautiful and striking, I think the reason why we're so fascinated by them is that it morphs the physical world as Robin is suggesting. For instance this picture [img][/img] is really cool because it's so hard to tell what components in the picture are real and which ones are drawn. Initially I thought the hose was really being held by the man but upon further study it appears that the hose is also drawn. We are drawn to these pictures because they make us think and try to figure out what's real, especially the ones that look like there's a whole in the ground that you might step through. When you don't fall through the pavement it really throws you and your perception of the reality under your feet.


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