Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Name Behind the Music

“A prime example of this argument is that of Marilyn Monroe and Norma Jean: Marilyn Monroe created Norma Jean. Norma Jean is created after the existence of Marilyn Monroe, after the cultural fetishization. Without Marilyn and the Marilyn lens, we would not have even thought about Norma Jean” (Imitation Meets Simulation Article). This same concept can apply to female singers Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and Rihanna.

Beyoncé’s stage name is “Sasha Fierce” when she needs to be tough and not afraid she transforms into this character typically on stage, and her fans love it & accept it. But, do they love Beyoncé or Sasha Fierce? Are they paying to watch and listen to Beyoncé or Sasha?

The same question can be asked about Rihanna (as a side note: I am completely obsessed with her, literally named my cat Riri after her…yes I sound crazy, but I don’t care). Her full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, but to her fans she is known as Rihanna or Riri. Does it make her more “real” if she presents herself as Robyn or Rihanna…? When she goes on stage she is Rihanna (the name behind the music). Her fans refer to her as Rihanna, not typically Robyn (unless they did their homework or personally knew her).

I think if you go to a concert for any artist or band you’re going to see them [insert artist’s/band’s name here] not the person. As a musician, yes you are clearly a human being, but your job is to sing and be the persona your fans like—i.e. Rihanna, Beyoncé/Sasha Fierce (I’d lean more towards Sasha Fierce if going to a concert). Fans shouldn’t feel lied to if they find out the singer has a “real” name, because typically most musicians have a stage names the same way that bands have names (like Aerosmith).

In her interview with Oprah, one can see the reaction of her "real" self Robyn in her hometown of Barbados. 

Rihanna and Sasha Fierce, as well as Marilyn Monroe are the names behind the music or the industry (the thing that makes them famous). The person behind all of those names is the “real” i.e. Robyn, Beyoncé, Norma Jean

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  1. But isn't the REAL Robyn someone you can only talk about if you know who Rihanna is?


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