Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Trueman Show

In the film The Truman Show, what seems to be average Joe, Truman Burbanks follows his routine day in and day out. What he is unaware of is that millions of people watch him watch him from bars, homes and various offices of employment. Truman is a celebrity, but doesn’t yet know it.

 In the town of Seahaven everything seems perfect, but then again it should if everything you’ve ever known was created for you. Everything that surrounds Truman is his reality and when he begins to question what actually is real the world created to contain him begins to fall apart. The creator of this world seems to represent a higher power in Truman’s life. He calls all the shots from who Truman dates, where he works and whether or not he leaves and if he leaves alive. He is the force that ultimately shapes Truman’s life. There is a point towards the end of the film that the creator goes too far and is ready to destroy what he created disregarding the fact the Truman is human and has a life. The creator only sees him as a product and though there is some kind of endearment towards Truman he will still never be seen as an actual person in the eyes of his creator.

 While I watched the film I wondered why so many people would watch a show like this and I think it’s because everything around Truman is so artificial that they relate with the main character and are able to see a genuine response to the everyday goings on of his word. There are some opposed to what’s going on here, callers phone in and protester gather outside raising their signs high, more people are interested in the show airing.

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