Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Virtual Barbershop


Was that cool or what? Or maybe you had the reaction I did and was really freaked out and I struggled to keep my eyes closed because of how real it felt and I felt like I was having my head shaved! This is such an interesting experiment to undergo. I think this is a perfect example of not being able to entirely trust your senses when perceiving reality. The experience doesn't really work if you don't close your eyes and use headphones. The headphones block out outside noises and by closing your eyes you separate yourself from your actual surroundings. I felt the bag go over my head and felt the clippers and scissors all around my head, I had to grab my head to make sure that my hair was still there and when it ends it's an almost surreal feeling to come back to your reality. By just using a single sense we can see how truly unreliable it can be to lean on a single sense. What is real? Can we really trust our senses to tell us whats going on around us and what is real? Using senses doesn't ensure we are in a stable reality, if anything it makes it more unstable.

1 comment:

  1. Sensory data leads to an unstable reality-- love that! Also, I have no headphones with me, so I will vouch for the fact that without headphones this is just weird. I am thinking people in the offices next to mine are also puzzled right now. :)


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