Thursday, April 10, 2014

War of the Worlds Broadcast, THE PANIC BROADCAST

            When one thinks of a Hoax, most people would often think of the deliberate pranking of an individual or individuals for either comical or monitory or self beneficial means. We can honestly say that JT Leroy was a hoax, simply because there was intent for it to become a hoax. People make something so real or pull a fast one that before you can actually notice that the object or person in question isn't, you have already been fooled. However, I myself, question the idea of intent making the hoax and more making the false mirror real life that the two themselves are blurred.
            For those who are unaware of the War of the Worlds broadcast, also known as the Panic Broadcast. The broadcast was a CBS radioized depiction of HG Well's War of the world, depicting the story in news broadcasts stories. The whole thing was put on by the Mercury Theatre on Air, being produced by the up and coming actor and producer, Orson Welles. The whole thing was put up on October 30th, 1938, going continuously for 62 minutes. No one, when going into this project, was intending on getting people to believe that this story was happening, it was merely a simple show that they put up on Halloween eve night, but people were fooled so much by this broadcast that they were able to smell poison gasses from outside.
            A lot of the reasons that this broadcast was so involving was the fact that a lot of it was simply too real. The broadcasters themselves hired legitimate actors, even hiring a person who sounded like the president to act. However, the most damning fact was that there were no commercial breaks to break up the story. The lack of a commercial break made the whole thing seem more real because in a hazardous situation one isn't going to put up a commercial for the next thunderbird or something. It stands to reason that the panic was not caused by the threat of alien invasion, but the how real the threat was perceived in the fictional broadcast.

            How much of this "hoax" can be contrived to two things, one human ignorance and the falsification of the real. The whole thing was presented in a hyper-realistic kind of way so that it mirrors the real. So, it did what it was meant to do, have people fall into this world. The War of the Worlds was simply meant to be taken as realistic. So, can we truly call it a hoax? I honestly say, yes, mostly because it did fool people into questioning the real. The intentions of the pranksters be damned. If you are interested in viewing or listening to the original broadcast, the clip is bellow. 

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