Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dark Souls: The Fake Sun in Anor Londo

When over a friend’s house recently they were playing “Dark Souls", "an action role-playing video game set in an open world environment". I was commenting on how great the graphics were when the sun glinted into the camera… It took me a moment to remember that there is no camera. This is a video game where all elements were created on a computer. Creators took the time to create a sun glint that would happen if this game was being filmed. I guess this adds a sort of realism to the game and allows for the players to feel as though they are in a “real” world of some kind.  This in itself is extremely interesting, that game makers would put in the effort for such a small effect, but this game makes it almost funny. I mentioned the sun glint to my friends playing the game. He looked up and said “It’s pretty funny because the sun in this game is fake.”

This video game consists of an entire world with characters and building and stories also created a sun, that is an illusion! And then the creators of the game made the sun look ‘more real’ to players of the game by putting in the fake sun glint.

I decided to do some research, because this blew my mind and I had no knowledge of the game.  The sun itself was created by Gwyndolin, he is the only remaining deity in Anor Londo, the world this game takes place in. His sister is Gwynevere. The sun illusion is actually a copy of Gwynevere made by Gwyndolin. When you kill this copy of Gwynevere Anor Londo is then cast into dark knight. Daylight vanishes with Gwynevere because she is the illusion that creates the sunlight.Basically a copy of a real person exists, and her copy emits the sunlight. When her copy is killed the sunlight disappears. 

There is so much going on here. First that Gwyndolin created an illusion of his sister in order to have sunlight. Perhaps when the original Gwynevere left she took the sunlight with her, and Gwyndolin did not want to live in darkness.  The other layer is that the sun is fake, but the creators of the game made it look real in every aspect. I think one reason they may have done this was to trick players into thinking it was real so that when they kill Gwynevere and cast Anor Londo into eternal night it would be a surprise.  I don’t really have any other reasons as to why this would be done. This game has so many layers, I cannot even imagine trying to dive in and figuring out all the secrets. The fake sun that pretends to be real was enough. 


  1. WOW! Someone needs to write about this game, seriously... Would have bee a GREAT project for someone. I will hold onto this for a future semester.

  2. When I was doing the research I was so overwhelmed with the depth of this game. Apparently it is all based on different lore. I honestly wish I had more video game knowledge so I could have done this for my project, it is so cool and interesting!


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