Monday, May 5, 2014

A Little Community

In my group we talked about designing a community that you order products online and they are delivered to you. What makes this different from regular online shopping is that what you buy comes from the community stores that you live around. You would go on the site and when you logged in possibly an avatar would appear on the screen or even just hands pushing a cart would represent you in the online world. I was also thinking that this could be developed even more to the point where you (on the screen) could try on the clothes or products you want to buy and you could see how it would actually look if you were really wearing it. I think this particular idea mention would be good outside of the community and would ensure customer satisfaction much more, but the rest of the world outside of the community can wait to have their items delivered the regular amount of shipping days, I mean how bad do they need that 40 dollar pair of pants? It would resemble regular online shopping, but some of the differences would be the waiting period. It wouldn't make sense to buy food and have to wait 6 business days for it to come when you need to make dinner tonight.
I think that the community would have to be a smaller one because of this or a really good delivery system would have to be in place. The purpose of this community isn't to be lazy, you really should go out and do you your own thing, but it would be helpful to people who have a hard time getting around or older people. I think you would have to be a certain age or meet certain requirements in order to live in this community.

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