Monday, May 5, 2014

Daniel Something

Lately we've been talking about the idea of there being different levels of the real to a character. When I was reading Paul Auster's City of Glass character depth was one of the major things I noticed. We are introduced to the main character Daniel Quinn. Readers get his background story about his kid and wife being dead and how he sometimes wanders aimlessly throughout the city because he likes to feel lost. We know that hes not a real detective also, but soon becomes one when he answers the phone.As the story progresses Daniel starts to say that Max Work is the one pulling the strings, that he is the one in control of Daniels life, this connects them, but does that Make Daniel a product of Max or is Max a product of Daniel because he did in fact create him? Continuing with the story Daniel becomes Paul Auster when he decides to take the case (pg 13) which is kinda funny because Paul Auster is the author of the book. He starts to follow Old man Stillman and introduces himself as Quinn, so he goes back to the original character he was when readers were first introduced to him. Apparently Stillman didn't remember who Quinn was so he reintroduced himself as Henry Dark (pg 72) who happens to be a character Stillman created a while ago. Again Quinn introduces himself as another person this time its Peter Stillman (old Stillman's son). Finally at the end of the book it seems that Quinn has become old man Stillman down to his haggard appearance and slow shuffle down the street. So with Daniel being so many different people throughout the book "'m not sure if he used those different names just to hide his identity, or if these string off of his original main character

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  1. I loved the questions of identity that City of Glass and your post bring up. The more I think about the book, the more I think that the entire thing could have happened all inside Quinn's head (or whoever Quinn really is). The novel makes me wonder about multiple personality disorder. If someone is many different personalities all rolled into one, then who are they really? Is there one "main" or prevailing personality? Who decides which personality this is? I haven't done much research on the subject, so I cannot claim to know. However, I am curious to know what happens to the alternate personalities once the condition has been treated? Is a person with multiple personality disorder many different "real" people in one? If so then treatment of the condition could be likened to murder. Interesting.


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