Saturday, May 3, 2014

Do We Exist? Or Are We Just Part Of A Child's Imagination?

"If we live in a universe between wound dimensions, how can we distinguish between illusion and reality?"

In this world, we are left with the different options for each of the situations that come our way. Maybe theres someone you find attractive from across the room at a party. Do you go up and talk to them or stay where you are? They could either be the next greatest thing in your life or the worst. What will you do? Depending on the choices we make in this world, we impact the future that lies ahead. Lets say you didn’t make a move and talk to them. You lay in bed one night and you think back to that moment and you start to wonder, “What if I had gone up to that person?” Most of the moments we live through our lifetime, are filled with “What Ifs.” What if I had bought that car instead of that computer? What if I had kissed him/her when I had the chance? What if I had studied more in school? Well, what if you were able to play out each of your choices before making a decision?

Mr. Nobody is a movie made in 2009, starring Jared Leto as “Nemo Nobody.” The movie follows Nemo during four main moments of his life, when he is a child, when he is fifteen, when he is an adult, and when he is an old man, living in the future where he is the last mortal on Earth. Turning 117 years old, Nemo is being filmed for a reality tv show, where they hope to watch him die. Before then, a reporter and a doctor attempt to find out who is by trying to recover his memory. Nemo on the other hand still thinks he is thirty years old and recalls the major choices of his life, but at the same time, he recalls all the options he had in life and plays those out as well, stating that, “I don’t like to make choices.”

As the movie goes on, you are shown through all of Nemo's choices in life (from which parent to live with up to who to marry) and what results they each have plus the choices within those choices. Because of this, the characters and the audience have trouble knowing what parts of the stories actually happened or if anything he is saying is even true. After arguments from the reporter that Mr. Nobody isn't making any sense and that he can't be in two places at once, it is shown that none of them exist. That they are all part of a little boy's imagination as he is trying to figure which parent he should live with.

Now, what if that was us? That our world is nothing but our younger selves trying to figure out their direction in life? 


  1. In the beginning of the post you talk about all the decisions we make and how they can change the direction of our lives. In regards to all of these "what ifs," it is kind of interesting to think that each decision made or path we take shapes our character. This makes me question if we have fixed, concrete identities or characteristics. We all claim to "know ourselves," but is there a "self"? Or are we formed merely by our memories and experiences? Are we always changing depending on the circumstances and each decision we make? And then of course there is this idea of imagination and the realities that our minds create.

  2. Hume definitely thinks we are composed entirely of our memories and experiences, although in this case throughout the movie the character Nemo Nobody is a composite of events which have not actually occurred outside the realm of the little boy.

    So here's a question for you: If the fictional protagonist Nemo Nobody has 'lived' these hypothetical experiences that lead him to becoming that 117 year old man what makes him and his reality less real than the boy's who created him? If the boy decides to retreat out of reality completely and into Nemo's life do these past experiences become real?

    1. Well tech, the 117 year old Nemo Nobody does exist. What the movie is trying to portray is that Nemo is recalling his life and is wondering about the choices he made. When the little boy decides to not pick between either parent, we are shown the life he ended living, with one of the women mentioned.Thus, what made him the old man we see before us. What makes him more real then is the fact that at that point, the boy is his memory.


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