Monday, May 5, 2014

Eleanor Jake and Joy

I was looking back at Jack’s relationships with different people in the book. For some reason his relationship with Eleanor really irritates me. I think that she irritates Jake too or that she will never be the women his wife was. Even though he cheated on his wife I think that he still loved her. I don’t think she’s a bad person, just not one for Jake but why does he hang around her if he doesn’t really like her. He has a pet name for her and they spend a lot of time together. She is even aware of his condition before his son knows about it. I think it has something to do with being alone, earlier in the book he talks about how that’s one of his biggest fears. I can see that Eleanor really does love Jake and has ever since they were younger, but why does she stay with him knowing that things will never change and that he will never want to be with her willingly?

The relationship between Jake and Joy is an interesting one. Joy reminds me of Jake's late wife Helen and I think that’s why he likes her so much. Even the first time they met he seemed to like her and that was when his wife was alive. If it was possible he would probably be with Joy instead of Eleanor, but she has a husband that she is happily married to. He describes her as unpredictable and that is one of the things he likes about her. I think it relates because his mind is also unpredictable, memories and other knowledge stored in the brain comes and goes and I think that’s something that links the two together.

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