Thursday, May 8, 2014

Gender According to Judith Butler

For my project I chose to do a analytical paper focusing on Judith Butler's Gender Theory. I focused on defining her theory as best as possible and giving insight to the amount of awareness on campus through a student run survey in addition to an interview with a Drag Queen named Carl/Amanda (see photo below). I touched on my personal beliefs in addition to the possibility of gender creating a new order of simulacra, or at least one that falls in between the first and second order. Is it possible for the imitation or copy to surpass the original if we don't know what the original is?

Here is the video introducing my project! Thank you!

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  1. I honestly don't think Butler's work really works on the idea of 1st and 2nd order simulacra as stated by Baudrillard, because (as you stated in the video) the two kind of create themselves meaning that there is no copy and there is no original.
    I love the fact that you fitted in Judith Butler in this class by brining up drag, because of the concept of what people think gender and sex is and the fact that we often see drag as an imitation, a copy. I would love to see the findings of you're interviews and possibly see if there is more solid information you could have shown us on this blog. Also, was this a powerpoint, a paper or was it something else. I wasn't really sure.


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