Saturday, May 3, 2014

Good God, Tori Spelling...

Well, seems that the former 90210 star has gone "reality" once again.  In this latest reincarnation of her reality TV series, Tori and Dean share with us the harsh reality of living with regret and the road to emotional recovery during the aftermath of a cheating scandal.
Many have criticised the couples attempt at capturing the "reality" of their current (or perhaps not so current) marital strife.  Claims including; discrepancy's in timeline, pre meditated "spontaneous" situations, and impeccably well timed cinematography opportunities:
 During the turmoil though, Tori leaves the room to find a producer. She and Dean end up having a conversation out in the hall, managing to stop at a perfect angle for the camera to catch Tori's reflection in the glass of a picture frame. Though the conversation was meant to be private, Tori—who has worked in the industry since she was a child, and has worked in the genre of reality television for the past seven years—did not remember to turn her mic pack off.~

 The bigger question in my mind is not if this show is "real", but if this show isn't maybe a little more real than the real thing?  If we look to Six Characters in Search of an Author, the Father makes the claim that he may be more "real" being fixed in time, reliving the same situations over and over, than those who live life on a linear line.  If we are arguing this point, one could say that Tori and Dean's reaffirmation of events via TV show (provided we are seeing a somewhat accurate recreation of the former situation) could make them some of the most "real" people out there.

And if this is assumed, than Kim Kardashian's recreation of her sex tape "leak" on the first season of Keeping up with the Kardashians is just furthermore establishing her within a fixed and more "real" reality...I know, a disturbing thought.


  1. At the end of INTO THE WILD, Chris McCandless-- who is dying-- writes in his journal, "Happiness only real when shared." The implication from a pomo perspective might be that unless there is a reflection of something, an "original" on its own can have no meaning, no signifying value. There needs to be an effect, transmitted through some medium (or media), in order to produce the "real." Thus, as you argue, "Sex not real until videotaped." Lovely.

  2. I recently was watching E News and they too believe this show is completely fabricated. Tori Spelling has four kids, a dead-beat husband with no job (who allegedly cheated on her), and her millionaire father didn't leave her a dime when he passed on. So, with that being said if the lady can pull of her own reality show and make money doing it then why the heck not give it a go. Even if her kids will probably look back on this show and have so many reasons contributing to why they are so screwed up.

    I think it is interesting to consider the children; what is their reality? Are they going to look back on this show and think that that was or wasn't their actual childhood?

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  4. Building off of Robin's comment on there needing to be a reflection of something in order to give an "original" meaning...

    Whether the filming is in real time, is dramatized, is reenacted, etc., doesn't really matter in determining if Tori Spelling, her marriage, and this scandal are real or not. What's real is the reflection of a very personal yet shared experience. Many people have cheated on a significant other or have been cheated on. People can relate to this regardless of the unnecessary and annoying theatrics of Tori's show.


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