Monday, May 5, 2014

Halloweentown – My New Hyperreality

As a kid I grew up with two things that influenced my idea to create this super awesome Halloweentown, one of those things was watching the good Disney Channel where they had an original movie series that was Halloweentown of a Disney variety. The second influence was my mother, who is a Halloween nut and would dress up every single day of her life if it were to be socially acceptable. Our most celebrated holiday at home was always Halloween. So when prompted to think of a Disney ride, or a new town to live in…I thought Halloweentown would be so much fun and possibly beneficial to mental health! Maybe just my mental health but still! Sounds good!

            The idea of this Halloweentown would incorporate people who could be whatever they wanted every day, they would hold real jobs and everything, but every day, or every week, or month you could dress up as whatever you wanted to be. Male, female, hero or villain. I think this town would be amazing! Imagine the freedom you would have, freedom of expression, if you’re having a bad day…why not be a super villain to show that you’re having a bad day? Feeling real good about yourself, yeah you finally dropped all that weight or are feeling extra good looking? Dress up as a model or an actress! The possibilities are endless and that is why it is so appealing to me. People would still have jobs of all varying degrees but from day to day, or week to week you could choose who you want to be everyday. The freedom of that sounds thrilling and so amazingly expressive. I know Disney Channel has their version of Halloweentown, but this is place for people who cant settle for the mundane world…they may still have whatever ordinary job they have chosen…but spice it up by being a different person all the time!


  1. I love the idea that you can be whoever you want to. I think some people in today's society are afraid to do just that. I mean, if I came into class dressed as a goblin I would get weird looks, but you get the point. Anyway, would this mean that no one would know your "real" self? Or would there be no "real" self? Just some questions to think about.

  2. I think it would be interesting to never know who the real self is, because why is it important? People argue over whether the person who you think you are is the real self or how people perceive you is the real you. I think that the fact that who you are as a "real" person is so taboo and up in the air that is doesn't matter which brings more freedom for people to decide themselves who the "real" them is or to simply question the stability of the "real" them. We've determined frequently that "real" isn't always right...I think to be able to choose who people see you as is an amazing thing....then when you are done with that you can be someone else who is "real." People change in the world we live in right? I think the idea of a "real" self if always up in the air for debate.


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