Monday, May 5, 2014

I'm a Barbie Boy.

          Justin Jedlica has spent over a hundred thousand dollars to alter his body so that he appears to like just like Ken. Ya know, as in Barbie and Ken. I would like to believe that, no matter how much money one invests in becoming a plastic figurine, it is actually impossible. However, when you pay to have all of your genuine organic human pieces replaced with artificial replicas, you literally become plastic. Sure, you still have human organs and blood and regular bodily functions, but you become cased in plastic and silicone. It borders on being a cyborg. Jedlica is literally a walking Ken doll. All of his upper body “muscles” are silicone.
            Along with his body –whether he realizes it or not – I believe Jedlica has transformed the relationship between his brain and his body. They are no longer working together symbiotically. The relationship has become one similar to animatronics. There is a link between a person and his/her dolls that is much like that supposed between god and man. The human controls the plastic doll like a puppet-master. Does Jedlica’s human brain therefore control his plastic body as if disconnected?
            Many people revert to plastic surgery in order to match their body to their desired body image. It is often a question of identity. If one alters the outside to match the inside, then their new and improved body is their real body. However, the body they are genetically born with is also their real body. Is the original more real, because it is completely organic? Or is the altered body more real because it matches the perception of the person? Justin Jedlica continues to have plastic surgery because he says he is “addicted.” Is it that he wants to look as perfect as Ken or that he wants to be as plastic as Ken?
When people speak of Jedlica, it is usually in conversation with his counterpart – the “human Barbie:” Valeria Lukyanova. Jedlica calls Lukyanova a poser because her Barbie effect is a result of make-up and illusion. To Jedlica she is not real, because she has not spent the time and effort and money to surgically alter her appearance. She is not really plastic like a Barbie. You cannot be a doll if you are not plastic - if you are not artificial.

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