Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mickey Through Time - My Disney Ride

My idea for a new Disney ride would be something called "Mickey Through Time." The concept would be to give the newer generation of how Disney used to be. It would be placed at the far end of Disney, so that while they spend the day going through the park, waiting in long lines, and enjoying Disney the way they know it, they would go through my ride and realize just how much it has changed. 

The way the ride begins is that you sit in a cart and it would travel through the dark space, playing old clips of old disney cartoons in order. Cartoons where everything was black and white, racial images, and where nothing made too much sense. Fog, fake trees, water, and faint frog noises would play to stimulate the swamp that Disney was built on. There would also be a recording of Walt Disney talking playing through out the whole ride, almost like the ghost of him following you around. It would give the older generation a bit of nostalgia (because I am not that old but I still grew up watching plenty of the old cartoons) and give everyone else a new look on "The Happiest Place On Earth."

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