Tuesday, May 6, 2014

NPR on Ru Paul

I feel as if I read a post on RuPaul on this blog recently, so sorry for any dejavu. 

Since the search function leaves me trusting only my faulty sensory information, there is no blog post about RuPaul. Until now.

Even to the title of NPR's article, I found myself saying duh to my computer. RAW and RuPaul's Drag Race are the same show. That's like saying that Dora the explorer and her cousin Diego are the same character. 

Clearly, the two explorers represent opposite ends of the gender binary for the same general character.

Again, the same can be said of RuPaul and the wrestlers. They embody the extreme ends of the same gender stereotypes. 

Perhaps theory classes have ruined me; I read the entire article with a smile. Some lines begged for a sarcastic Willy Wonka meme. 
Exhibit A, "The show itself operates under the rules of any reality television show, by trading traditional writers for story producers."

Really NPR? Tell me, how are story producers not traditional story tellers? 

The article quickly elaborates in parenthesis, "Meaning the show crafts the narrative after it films, rather than before."
Thinking that that's so specific. Writing does not take place before the narrative is written?  I can feel the author thinking the theoretical implications of the specificity in her words.

Persnickety-ness aside, RuPaul highlights the drag that we all clearly are always already performing. And he does it better than us. Not only does he provide explicit, living breathing proof to the world of truth of Judith Butler's performance theory, he does so elegantly, as the writer of the NPR piece points out. 


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