Thursday, May 8, 2014

Posthumanism and Human Functions

So! I have done my project on PostHumanism and the transformation of basic human function into hyperrealistic human function. I decided to look at how the transformation of function is happening currently, as well as how it would continue on in the future.

My basics that I go through are how the brain is being changed with microchips now which mess with memory, and how that can alter one's basic identity. I also get into how making production easier means humans have less to do in regards to production, and so they turn that productive drive to create inwards. This ends up working into them trying to improve themselves to the point that they become Pothumans, or hyperreal humans.

I also dug into some sex stuff and how sex, being one of the most basic thing people like to do, is being transformed into its perfected for by being put onto the internet and in games and all that fun stuff.

I also looked at how communication has been altered. People no longer communicate flesh to flesh, but instead text or call or what ever else they do. Talking face to face, disconnecting ourselves from the intimacy of getting to know other human beings is very much a break from human function. We are social animals, but social media is not the same thing as socializing.

I ended up using Twine to create a digitaliterature peice that goes through this non-linear narrative about the transformation. I mix and match time a little bit and try to show the kind of confusion we are living in now, in this transitional stage between human and the rush towards posthuman.

And yeah!

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