Monday, May 5, 2014

Reality TV Flavor of Love

Looking at this clip I'm sure you notice a lot of things going on. You have all these women together after being told to leave the show Flavor of Love, so what are they still riled up about? All the drama that had been built up during the seasons has exploded into one huge fight and it seems to be New York vs. the rest of the girls that were on the show. Before they even got to this point there was this alpha female concept going on during the show. These women were fighting for the chance to be with star character Flavor Flave, but now that everything's all said and done they're still fighting. Is the fighting just to continue with the drama of the show, these women apparently have unfinished business with each other and in the eyes of reality tv is wouldn't be "real" of these ladies went on their way and continued their lives without settling their scores.

During class someone made a comment about the show being related to The Bachelor and it got me thinking maybe this is the more real version of the Bachelor in the world of reality tv. So in the Bachelor we see a similar concept to the Flavor of Love, all these women trying to get with their man, but what we don't see is the rawness (or staged rawness) of the women like we do in Flavor of Love (were talking about the fights between girls..ect). So are there different levels of reality tv? Each show could be considered less or more real than the other. Lets Just say that The Flavor of Love was more real because it shows everything that goes on the fighting and yelling. Then that would Make the Bachelor less real because of the fact that everything that is present in Flavor of Love is cut out or doesn't exist in The Bachelor. You could also say that The Bachelor is more real because the drama going on in Flavor of Love is all too scripted, their drama seems too intense to be real. It could go both ways, it just depends on how you look at it.

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