Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Republican Crazy Misread Satire on Pot Brownies-Garners Real Legislative Response

A senator in Colorado mounted an enraged response for a satirical story about Cosmic Brownies being bought with food stamps.

Colorado Republican Falls for Satire Story, Freaks Out and Proposes Bill Banning Food Stamps for Weed Purchases - From the Real World Magazine


In a time when single mothers aren't given sufficient support, students are considered a revenue source, and anyone who makes less than Mitt Romney is screwed by taxes?

Not even Colorado's pro -cannabis  ski bums would believe that.

The story hearkens back to discussions about JT Leroy. While JT Leroy constituted a hoax, the satire itself was simply that, satire; until Republican senator Vicki Marble interpreted the article as an indication of a problem. Her reaction spurred the story.

As the nature of the sign is arbitrary, could the nature of politics be equally arbitrary?

Without any prior knowledge of the supposed problem, couldn't Marble's response constitute a proper synchronous reaction to what she perceived as happening? To her, the article must have been breaking news. Impending misuse of public funds? let me put a stop to that!

Could, under Bruner's lens, she simply be "interpreting why a character acted as he or she did...concerned with 'reasons' for things happening, rather than strictly their causes"? Even playing devil's advocate, to apply Bruner's narrative construction of reality  to Marble's response would not be flattering.

And it won't.

For Marble to interpret the satire as a story, she would first need to believe that there is an underlying reason for either a) people accepting SNAP benefits to cheat the system
              b)people accepting SNAP benefits to be lazy (possibly from the weed they are supposedly getting)
Whatever narrative she constructed, it did NOT reflect well on her. I don't suppose that she will be re-elected.

Also, bitch is racist. She stated that
So screw her.

See For Yourself

Politics is arbitrary, signs are arbitrary, measurable reality is arbitrary. And so is racism.

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