Monday, May 5, 2014

Smart Phones and Dumb People

I discovered this video weirdly enough through Facebook and it is a performance poet who has written/spoken something that is both beautiful and frightening. This is the story of a man who could’ve missed out on everything that beautiful life could offer because instead of looking up, he was looking down at his phone. He questions the importance of social media and technology as a whole. I have posted about technology before and my woes about it, but I am also a victim/criminal of frequent social media usage where I will not pay any attention at all to what is going on around me because I am so absorbed by all the social media happening going on around me. I will check, then recheck all of my various social media/news outlets on a cycle.
            This is an interesting concept to me, which world is the “real” world that we are living in? The social media world, where we are comfortable saying all the things we aren’t completely comfortable saying in the first person, face-to-face, or the actual face-to-face where things are right in front of you and you can’t copy and paste, edit and delete if things didn’t go the way you planned in the beginning? I think this is such an interesting concept to think about. I think people are more comfortable in the social media/news world where they can hide behind a screen, if they want something to be anonymous they can have it that way, or if they want to say something that could have consequences they wont have to deal with the aftermath of the person or thing they are confronting right away. I think there is a distinct difference in which world we are actually living in opposed to the other but I think it is a key idea to note which one we are more comfortable in. This video is truly beautiful and disturbing, worth the watch, the time to ponder the thoughts of what we do with our time and the legitimacy of it. 

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  1. I love what you said about not having the ability to edit and delete things or copy and paste in the real world. Such an interesting concept. I know I am much better with the written word than the spoken word.

    A couple things that I thought of while watching/reading this... At the end he says, "stop watching this video." It's ironic that he is trying to encourage people to put their phones down and to be present in the real world, yet he uses these mediums and takes advantage of the thing he is critique which ultimately enables the users and perpetuates the problem. Why isn't he sending this message in public in the form of a speech or a performance? Oh yeah, no one would be there to listen.

    Also, I wonder if we have to decide which realm is more real... it seems to me that we should learn to accept them and to connect the two so we can exist in both simultaneously.


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