Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Fringe Multiverse: The Prime and Parallel Universes

     **I created this video using Animoto**

Here is my Final Project: Fringe Multiverse
Please check it out!

My goal for this project was to prove that the television show Fringe attempted to persuade their audience that their two universes, the Prime Universe and Parallel Universe, were both equal. Neither one was more ‘real’ than the other, and the Parallel Universe is just as real as the Prime Universe. I looked at the characters within each Universe and examined how they were developed. The differences between the “copies” of the characters in the two universes revealed that each character was an individual, and that their history and environment defined who they were, rather than their appearance or name. I also focused on how the introduction and title cards manipulated the opinions of the viewers, demonstrating how the different Universes and alternative timelines are equal and have equal time on the show. Finally, I researched the TV show’s spin off comics. These comics attempted to focus only on the Prime Universe. As a result the comics ultimately lost readers. The readers for the comics wanted the focus to be equal between the Prime and Parallel Universes, similarly to how the television show demonstrated these worlds.

               I also decided to create a form of Transmedia for my project. The link will bring you to webpage. My analysis is weaved through different media platforms. I used Instagram, the Popcorn Maker/ Kaltura, and Animoto/ YouTube editor together. With the subject of my project being a television show I felt that a more media oriented project made sense :) 
Please take a look! 


  1. Superb post and your final website looks like it was done with expertise of a professional. I really like how you compared the two different world in Fringe for your topic. A few of my friends got into the show last year and every time I looked in on an episode I was completely lost; your introduction to the show, however, was illuminating to the process the show’s creators incorporated into their production. Your video on the comic books was also intriguing and made me want to find out more about other shows to see if they have done anything similar. I tried playing your Tile Cards video last night and it didn’t load and the same thing happened today so maybe it’s my computer, but I’m sure I’ll be checking out the website again in anticipation of being “wow’d.”

  2. Wow thank you for all the great comments! I really appreciate it :)
    I have been having some difficulty with that video. It seems to only work on my laptop. I will take a look and hopefully have it fixed for tomorrow. Thank you again!!! :D can't wait to check out your project

  3. Problem should be fixed! Video quality went down a bit because I had to screen capture the video and then embed it. Hope it works now!

  4. Solid as Gold! Which is a strange expression since gold is so soft!

  5. Transmedia!!! Great job, Alexa!

  6. Thanks Ann!! Wouldn't have been able to do it without practicing and learning it all in your class :D

  7. I had no idea a comic was made from the show. It sucks that they only focus on the primary universe.


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