Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Future Looks Bright for Valeria Lukyanova

Especially the food she will be consumer. Due to the recent conflict in Crimea and what appears to be an impending doom for the former soviet county, I decided to revisit Ukraine’s most popular Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova, after coming across an article that appeared earlier in the year. Lukyanova, pictured, resembles what she believes is the ideal figure; one that mimics that of popular self-image defeating plastic doll that is universally known the typical American consumer’s vernacular. Lukyanova is pulling a new stunt, training herself in the art of Breatharianism, a religion dedicated to a reliance of only sunlight and air for sustenance. I truly hope she is successful in what hungry people will mock as a ridiculous endeavor. If it became mainstream after centuries of evolution, who knows what type of Barbie-esque race she could conceive.

One day she'll rule us all. Which one am I talking about though?
Besides all that speculation of Lukyanova, who also believes she is an extraterrestrial and she has the power to transcend space and time: this might be the ultimate test to determine whether she is actually from the origins she claims. It also makes me wonder why she is living in Ukraine instead of a more hospitable planet, where they only survive on sunlight and air and don’t destroy natural resources faster than you can say ‘Bob’s my Uncle’.

Throughout the semester our class has analyzed the process of simulation and simulacra and construction of reality through the Theoretical techniques of Jean Baudrillard. Lukyanova is featured in a 20 minute documentary for Vice Magazine, one of the leading producers of online video content on the internet where she describes her purpose and has already influenced disciples to follow her in her hyperrealistic journey. I say hyperrealistic because her image originated from an actual doll poorly made in proportion to the actual feminine figure. Her own conceptions of reality are so wildly convincing in her demeanor about her purpose and humble tone towards people that feel attacked by the nutritionally unhealthy image she chose; the lines between reality and simulation become skewed. When she returns to Earth in the future after plastic and oil are all used up, future civilizations can use Lukyanova as the template for their new line of dolls and the hyperrealistic reality will become evident in their culture, unbeknownst to them.

The Full Vice.com Documentary.

And another link her to her official Vice Magazine photo shoot ---> HERE.

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