Sunday, May 4, 2014

Truly Haunting Memories

For a long time I have thought it would be sweet to have a photographic memory, or just a more highly functioning one than my own. Now I'm beginning to think that  I'm OK with the forgetfulness, the lack of specific recollection.
Reading this particular ARTICLE has brought up some very interesting questions about the nature of remembering, and possibly, the blessing of forgetting.

Alexandra Wolff, a subject with highly superior autobiographical memory is 22 years old and lives part time in the past.  Her memory is so accurate that she is able at any given time to recall memories from any point in her past, recalling specific smells, details and even emotions.

As soon as I began to read this article I could sense the difficulty that she had encountered.
With the ability to remember the good, she will also forever be haunted with any unpleasant memories from her past. Instances where she may have been bullied wont be drowned out with the passing of time, the moment to moment recap will play in her mind, possibly tainting her present. Learning lessons from our past is what helps us to cope in the future, but in Wolff's mind the past is her future, and present.
Since she is unable to disassociate herself from memories of the past she finds interacting in her present problematic. She spend a good portion of time at home, living in the past.
"It seems like you hold onto everything, and it seems like you're just stuck in the past all the time," she says.
So, lets put this into the context of relationship...any relationship.  Brother, mother, friend, lover, even your child, every time harsh words are spoken, a deceitful deed has been done, you cant forget--not one detail.  How do you move on when your reality is your past, is your present, is your isolation?

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